Arunachal: Restriction of traffic movement through Ego lifted

commuters are cautioned not to cross the bridge having load of more than 20 ton

Likabali- The Leparada District administration has lifted the restriction of movement of vehicular traffic via Ego toward Likabali issued vide order no- dated 12th October 2020.

In an order issued by Leparada deputy commissioner cum district magistrate Duly Kamduk has lifted the restriction of vehicle movement though Ego after the project manager has submitted an application for lifting of restriction and allow traffic movement with not more than 20 ton load. The order said.

The existing bridge over Ego river collapsed on 17,h Sept’2020 due to landslide and cloudburst and the traffic movement via Ego towards Likabali was restricted from this office vide order of even no dated 12th October 2020 for early completion of bridge construction. And the executing agency has submitted report to lift the restriction and a temporary bridge has been constructed over there. The order said.

The order for restriction of Traffic movement along Akajan- Likabali-Bam road issued from this office is hereby lifted with immediate effect and traffic movement is allowed w.e.f 15th October 2020, on the basis of certificate given by the concessionaires. The  DM said in the order.

Further, commuters are cautioned not to cross the bridge having load of more than 20 ton and also urge to avoid travelling during night hours for which the concerned individual shall be held responsible for any untoward incident. The order added.


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