Itanagar: Four houses gutted in massive fire

Four houses, two barrack were completely gutted in a massive fire incident on Friday.


In a massive fire which broke out in Mowb-II area and GSI colony of the city have turned four government quarter, one  extended barrack and one kitchen  turned into ashes.

The inferno at Mowb-II which broke out at around 1.30 AM this morning have completely gutted 2 unit government quarters near Directorate of Urban Development & Housing where four family members and one member of an extended barrack have been affected by the devastating fire mishap.

Itanagar Fire Station OC Koj Taro inform that  on recipes of information by phone two fire tender rushed to the spot and contain the douse from spreading into the locality and sounding houses.

However all household belong and other items were turned to ashes. The house of one UDC of UD Department Pakyum Yeli, Chowkidar of UD department Takar Tugung, a driver of education department Beli Ete and one Rei Tagam were affected by the inferno.

Itanagar: Two residential houses gutted in massive fire in GSI colony

Taro said that another fire incident which reported from GSI colony wherein one extended kitchen attached with a Type-II government building of security personnel of GSI of Tai Gegrang gutted this afternoons.

No loss of life and injury have been reported form both fire incident. Taro added.

Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker Tumke Bagra, former IMC Councillor Pakyum Tagung, Donik Tayu, Urban Development Joint Director Taring Darang among other visited the fire accident site at Mowb-II and meet the affected family.

 Later in afternoon former Councillor Donik Tayu distributed utensil and other relief materials to the fire victims for immediate use.


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