Arunachal: Mechukha has the scope to be developed into a model ecotourist town- Chowna Mein

He said, “our culture, our customs & traditions and language is our pride and we must protect, preserve and promote it”.

MECHUKHA-  Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein attending the Neh-Nang Losar at Adventure Park, Chupala at Mechukha today said, “Mechukha as one of the most pious pilgrimage place in the State”.

Chowna Mein said, “Mechukha as the most beautiful valley town in the State” and said, “more than 400 years old pilgrimage place has the scope to be developed into a model ecotourist town”. He said that due to the remoteness of the area, there is no scope for industrial development in the place unlike those in the foothill areas but it has the highest potential for the development of tourism industry. He said that there are many places like Mechukha in the State which needs to be developed in the perspective of tourism saying, “there are many challenges in the State but we must convert these challenges into potential”. He further said “no person will be left off from the benefits of the Govt Schemes”.

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He further stated that after Covid, Tourists flow in the State has increased manyfold and Arunachal Pradesh has become the most sought-after tourist destination by the domestic tourists as most of the Indian tourists prefer to visit places within the country due to quarantine issue. Citing that Arunachal Pradesh has the potentials for ethnic/cultural tourism, pilgrimage tourism, religious tourism and nature/adventure tourism, he said, “But we need to facilitate communication, comfortable accommodation, hygienic food and above all we must show warm hospitality to the visitors”. He informed that measures are taken to improve road communication and infrastructure development across the State.  He also informed that Mechukha town will be connected with Fixed Wing Helicopter Service under UDAN scheme which will further increase the tourist footfall in the area.

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He said, “our culture, our customs & traditions and language is our pride and we must protect, preserve and promote it”. He stated that our Govt is working for the protection, preservation and promotion of our rich cultures and informed that an allocation of Rs 42 Cr has been made to the Indigenous & Cultural Affairs Department for the financial year 2022-23. He said, “we must bring our rich folklore in the written form and document the folk songs and folklores”. He also informed that honorarium to the registered priests will also be paid by the Govt.

Highlighting various initiatives taken under the Annual Budget 2022-23, he further informed that various measures have been taken by the Govt to develop border villages under Integrated Development of Border Villages and Golden Jubilee Border Village Illumination Programme and also to provide mobile networks to all the remote and border villages. He also informed that a comprehensive project of Rs 400 Cr for connectivity and infrastructure development of border villages have been proposed to the Govt of India.

He further said to develop the new District Headquarter of Shi-Yomi in a plan way with proper planning and Govt will provide all require funds in phase wise manner for internal road developments, District Secretariat, electricity and water supply to all the new district headquarters. He also assured to study the feasibility of Hydro-Power project in the area and develop one Hydro-Power project, if found feasible to meet the power requirement of Mechukha Town and Shi-Yomi District Headquarter.

Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker, Pasang Dorjee Sona in his welcome speech said that the stand alone micro and mini hydel in the area is not sufficient to meet the power requirements of the Mechukha township in winter due to decrease in water current coupled with increase in use of electric appliances because of cold weather. He requested for setting up of 1-2 MW Hydro-Power project in the area to meet the power requirements of the area.

Among others, Genjan Sona, General Secretary, Memba Sonam Losar Festival Celebration Committee (MSLFCC) and Cheeden Goiba, Vice President, Neh-Nang Cultural Development Society also spoke on the occasion highlighting the importance of the Neh-Nang Losar Festival which is celebrated to promote universal peace and prosperity.

Among others,  Advisor to Minister (Power), Balo Raja, Advisor to Minister (Planning & Investment), Jambey Tashi, Advisor to Minister (Tax & Excise), Nyamar karbak and  Namsai MLA, Chau Zingnu Namchoom was also present on the occasion.

Cultural items include folksongs and folkdances by the local cultural troupes and special numbers from Miss Tenzin Donsel, singer and composer from New York, USA.


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