Arunachal: China making bid to recruit Arunachalee youth for PLA: Ninong Ering


ITANAGAR-     Former Lok Sabha Congress MP,  Ninong Ering has claimed that “China is trying to recruit youths from Arunachal Pradesh for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)”.

“As per the information we have received so far, the PLA is trying to recruit youths from Tibet as well as Arunachal. It is a matter of grave concern and Defence ministries should take it seriously,” Ering, present Pasight West Assembly constituency, told Arunachal24 on Sunday.

 “The people belonging to Nishi, Adi, Mishimi, Idu communities living along the China border have some affinities with the people of Lhoba community of China. There is a similarity between the language spoken by the people of Lhoba community and the people of Arunachal Pradesh living along the border areas. But this does not necessarily mean that they would like to join the PLA,” he said.

 China has built houses at Bisa and roads in Gehling and Anini and luring border residents of Arunachal with various offers which would never influence them, Ering said and urged Defence Ministry to take the matter seriously and take steps to recruit Arunachalee youths in different forces to save our border.

He also made a fervent plea to his Chinese counterpart to refrain from such misdemeanors as “Arunachal Pradesh is an indivisible part of India and remains so in future too.”

 “Arunachal Pradesh shares longest 1,126-km Sino-India border of total 3,488-km. It is a matter related to external security of the nation for which I would draw the attention of Defnce Ministry towards this grave matter through a letter soon”, Ering added.

I fact, Ering as Easter Parliamentary Lok Sabha member, in his ‘zero hour question’ on March 15, 2012  had informed the house: “The situation of 1962, when China had attacked via Kephangla Pass, still prevails in most of the Sino-India border, particularly Upper Siang,  Dibang Valley and Anjaw districts,” after touring the area.

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