Arunachal: 1600 pharmacies were on shutdown today to protest against e-pharmacy

 In Arunachal, 1600 pharmacies shutdown their shutters during 12 hrs nationwide strike while against e-pharmacy. 


The chemist and druggist across the state take part in the nationwide strike call given by All India organisation of Chemist and Druggist AIOCD against the online medicine sale.


The Arunachal Pradesh Chemist & Druggist(APCDA) President Pawan Bagang while talking to media  said that the online sale of drugs without prescription of doctor are in some cse dangerous for health.

He said that around 8.5 lakh pharmacy and chemist down their shutter while in state there are around 1600 pharmacy, there are around 500 pharmacy and chemist shops in capital complex and Papum Pare district.

He said that if such online sale of medicine may also encourage which may affect the health specially the youths and others may be affected. The amendment should be rolled back in the greater interest health of the people and also in the greater interest of the chemist and druggist.

He said that the Arunachal Pradesh Chemist & Druggist(APCDA) wholeheartedly  thank  the people of Arunachal Pradesh  in general & all the pharmacies of the state in particular  for  supporting  the  band/strike call by all India organisation  of chemists and Druggist(AIOCD).

AIOCD sponsored strike  across the country against the online medicine sale ,supported  by APCDA  went off  successfully and peacefully  across the bordering state of Arunachal Pradesh including its capital complex.


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