AP Legislative Assembly adjourned after obituary references


AP Legislative Assembly adjourned after obituary references to three former members. Jomde Kena, TadikCheji and Juley Siji.



By Manoj Singh

Gojen Gadi ; Starting the reference from he members side the first speakers was Gojen Gadi of Basar Assembly constituency said that Late Kena was immediate neighbour of his constituency and was belonging to same district and we have several discussion for development of the area and were intimate friends.

He was ailing for quite sometime and was surrendered by the doctors of Apolo, New Delhi and was shifted to Guwhati in a private nursing home and later to Neamcare Hospital and after ten days he got serious and died on October 4 at 9.15 PM. His death is a great loss for the community and area as a whole.

PD Sona joining the obituary reference said that I have been opportunity to work with Late Kena for two term, he was a easy, comfortable and was a man of positive thinking. Late Cheji was a political rival of my father PW Sona from Mechuka Assembly constituency of West Siang. Cheji never behave like a opposition and create a different kind of environment which was liked by all.

Japu Deru in his reference said that ‘Kena bouth acha soch bicharne aur imandari wala admi tha’, Siji Puroik Community ka 2nd MLA tha, Cheji bouth acha aour sudh hindi bolne wal adme tha.

Paknga Bage while said that Late Jomde Kena hamara maternal auncle tha and always supporting, as a health Minister and always a guardian for me. Bage exclaim and said that ‘please come back if it is possible’. Late Cheji was a very performing leader

Gum Tayeng in her reference said that it was a shocking news for then when I heard that Jomde Kena has expired at Guwahati and extremely hurt and is a great loss for the people for Arunachal Pradesh, Late Kena was a helping minded person.

Wangling Lowangdong being a smiling face have always helpful and was a personal friend to me. He made no stone unturned and will be remembered by us/lye us remember how he lived, not how he died… he lived hush life.

He also refer to Late Siji and Cheji and said that its very shading that  we have a time to participate to speak for three formers leaders and prayed for eternal peace.

Nabam Tuki, taking part in the reference said that Late Kena was a good man and I know him personally for many years and was a dedicated leader and I visited to him, his death is a great loss to the people and state. He pray for eternal peace of departed soul.

Late Siji use to go to many places sometime travel by bus, truck and foot and try his best to serve his own community, he was close associates with us till he died.

I have been twice to Monigong and I remember late Cheji and his services will always be remembered, he was deputy Speaker, as Minister incharge and in various capacity, his contribution should be recognised by the state government, paying his respect to the departed to the bereaved family to strengthened to bear the pain for irreparable loos to the family and community. Tuki on behalf of INC Party and public appeal the government to give them recognisation in their respective area and district.

Takam Pario while taking part in the reference said that we meet Late Kena at New Delhi and he was fine and even meet him in hospital, we ‘wo acha admi, wo shob ko madat karna mangta tha’, he was a man of no sorrow with a healthy physic. Time and again I shall have to console myself.

Late Siji, Pario was a great social workers, the death of Siji is a great loss of the community and society. He was instrumental in regrouping his Puroik community and he will be remembers for his contribution.Late Cheji was a veteran political who contributed alot the state.

Among other Minister Wangki Lowang,


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