Itanagar- Traffic Jam on NH-415 is now regular phenomena


Traffic jam in Itanagar have been experienced almost every day on NH-415 in various location of capital complex specially in Ganga, Bank Tinali, and from C Sector to A Sector Naharlagun  and sometime at Bage Tinali but sub way now began to face such traffic menace these days.


Traffic jam on NH-415 is a general phenomena in morning and evening and sometime in afternoon but no body think of traffic jam and cognisant on various sub way in capital complex and these are mostly due to haphazard parking and bad road in some case and the commuters have to suffer allot.

The most affected area of traffic jam are at Suspension bridge which connect G Sector with Senki view and Senki Park, circular road from Main gate of AP Sectt to near Axis Bank via Directorate of Education and new assembly secretariat, TT Marg from Bank Tinali to Tsangpo Hotel, road to DDNGC in Vivek Vihar,  G Extension road in Naharlagun remain jam every time on all official working day and there is no sense for traffic rule prevail by the commuters who park their vehicle. Many occasion it have been observed that the commuters have to hit the parked vehicle as it object the free flow of the traffic movement.

The common public have been appealing the district administration and capital police to depute traffic police or mark parking place or place parking symbol for the convenient of the commuters.


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