APSSB Fiasco: How was it executed, Read the full story

Investigation is still continuing into various aspects of this case.


APSSB Fiasco: How was it executed, Read the full story of this malpractice as describe by Harsha Vardhan, SP, SIC(Vig).

Special Investigation Cell (SIC) is Investigating  the alleged malpractices in the examination conducted by APSSB for the post of LDC, JSA and others. Investigation has revealed the modus operandi used by the accused in this case. So far, 5 persons have been arrested in this case.

Arrested persons include a candidate in this examination, Senia Bagang, a private individual Mongam Basar, the then Under Secretary of APSSB Kapter Ringu and two Data Entry Operators in APSSB Tame Tania and Khem Raj.

Investigation has revealed that Ms Mongam Basar acted at the behest of the then Under Secretary Kapter Ringu. She received money from candidates and passed it on to Ms Kapter Ringu, in lieu of getting them selected in the LOC, JSA exam of APS5B.

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Ms Kapter Ringu also directly received money from another set of candidates. After the examination was conducted on 2nd February, 2020, the trunks containing the used OMR sheets and other exam materials were brought to the strong room in APSSB office.

Ms Kapter Ringu aided by Data Entry Operator Khem Raj then went about tampering the OMR sheets. Ms Kapter Ringu entered into the strong room at various times outside of office hours, using the keys available with her on 3’d and 4th February, 2020.

She then filled up the OMR sheets of the candidates who had paid money in lieu of clearing the exam and placed them back in the trunks. SIC has unearthed the specific details of how this was done.

 Data Entry Operator Tame Tania helped her in tampering with CCTV footage once the issue of malpractices came to light through social media on 15th February, 2020. We have confirmed that the two arrested Data Entry Operators of APS5B, Tame Tania and Khem Raj also appeared in the exam as candidates and qualified.

Their OMR sheets were also tampered to favor them by Ms Kapter Ringu. At this stage in investigation, SIC is ascertaining how many candidates paid money or benefited unduly through malpractices in the exam and hence, we refrain from giving a number as of now.

We have noticed that sonic persons are spreading rumors/false information regarding the current status of the arrested persons.

We would like to re-iterate that Kapter Ringu, Mongam Basar and Khem Raj continue to be in police custody. Ms  Senia Bagang has only recently been granted bail by the Court on the ground that she is a feeding mother to a 5 months old baby. Strict conditions of bail have been imposed on her by the the Court.

Tame Tania has been granted bail by the  Court yesterday because of a pre-existing severe medical condition.

SIC has seized electronic evidences in this case and they are being processed in an appropriate manner.

SIC has also frozen bank account of Ms Kapter Ringu in connection with this case. SIC is committed to conducting this investigation in a professional and evidence-based manner to unearth the truth.

Investigation is still continuing into various aspects of this case.


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