Arunachal: PRC Issue Victims Committee threatens for democratic movement

The committee also demanded that the enquiry report of a two member high power committee should be made public.



The PRC Issue Victims Committee has reiterated their demands to erect Martyrs Statue in honour of the deceased, demarcation of martyrs ground, declaration of 22nd February as martyrs day and immediate arrest of person(s) responsible that led to the death of  Risso Tari,  Biki Ruja and Tsering Wangdi.

The PRC Issue Victims Committee threatened to launch a democratic movement if state government failed to addressed their demands within 7 days. They alleged that no positives responses have come from the State Government till date.

They also raised their concerns over no sign of any action on the decision for construct memorials for martyrs taken in a  Cabinet meeting on February 25 . The committee also demanded that the enquiry report of a two member high power committee should be made public.

They have also demanded for adequate compensation to victims who sustained serious injuries during the anti-PRC protest.

“It is very unfortunate that some of the injured persons are bedridden now and their youthful comes into standstill, thus they need to be compensated adequately to support themselves,” added Risso.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Bamang Felix informed that the State Government is doing every possible thing to compensate those victims and to resolve the issues in a fair manner.

Stating that he was not aware of the PRC Issue Victims Committee until today, he appealed the victims’ families to resolve any issue with proper discussion without going to the street.  “If you have complaints, you should come forward in the office for discussion to clear things,” added Felix stating that no representatives have come with those complaints after the present government was formed.

Reacting to the ultimatum served by the committee, the Minister appealed to the victims’ families to come forward for discussion and added that any attempt to disturb the peace and tranquility of the state in the pretext of democratic movement will not be tolerated. “It is a democratic country, everyone has a right to take up democratic movement, but instead of going to street people should come to authorities for a solution,” he added.

The Minister informed that financial assistance for grant of ex-gratia amounting to Rs. 2 lakhs each to next of kin of the deceased was sanctioned. Out of the three families, only one Biki Nera had received the amount while rest refused to accept the sanctioned amount.

He also said that two phases of financial assistance upto Rs. 10 lakhs each was sanctioned based on the degree of injuries to injured persons. He said that Rs. 39 lakhs were sanctioned for 11 persons in first phase, out of which 9 persons received while 2 have not received it yet. “In the second phase, Rs. 10.2 lakhs were sanctioned for 10 persons, out of which 9 persons received and 1 has not received,” added Felix.

He further informed that a two high power committee was formed under the chairmanship of the then Principal Secretary Home, Ashish Chandra Verma to enquiry the incidents.

He said that a direction has been given by the Home Department on July 18 to the departments to furnish views, comments and status in respect of the memorandum submitted by Risso Welfare Society and Biki Welfare Society. He added that the enquiry is still going on and that they are still waiting for reports from the departments concern.

“We are doing everything for the victims’ families and I appeal the committee come forward for discussion to resolve the issue. If any department is not responsive towards them, we will guide them,” he added.


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