Where the women were empowered, there would be prosperity- NCW

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ITANAGAR: “where the women were respected and empowered, there would be prosperity and progress of the society, said . Mrs. Shyamala S. Kunder, Member, National Commission for Women (NCW).  If power was given to women, they could be able to change the society in harmonious manner with unity and integrity, She said.

She was speaking in interaction and awareness training programme on Jan 6, organised by  Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee, Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU).

She also emphasized that every woman has to struggle to come up with flying colours for reaching their goals and dreams and stand on their own feet economically and politically. She appreciated the functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at RGU. A

She also suggested that the committee (ICC) composition, contact details and complaint mechanism should be displayed on university or respective higher educational institutions website.

Responding to the queries of online participants, Mrs Niharika Rai,  Secretary, Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, highlighted on the faulty socialization process aggravating the issue of physical, social and more importantly, psychological violence at homes in traditional Indian society of which Arunachal Pradesh is no exception. And hence, an enabling environment as well as conducive eco system is need of the hour for this present generation of youth and children alike.


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