Itanagar: When Himalayan University was filled with nostalgia…….

ITANAGAR-  The vibrant atmosphere of Himalayan University was filled with nostalgia and anticipation on 20th May, 2023 as the students of the Civil Engineering Department gathered to bid farewell to their esteemed seniors. The heartfelt program, organized by the B-Tech 6th semester students, was a collaborative effort that showcased the strong unity and camaraderie within the department. The event was attended by an overwhelming number of final-year students who not only shared their experiences but also imparted valuable advice to the juniors.


In her speech, Miss Meenali Modi, the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, took the audience on a nostalgic journey, reminiscing about the outgoing students’ transformation from the beginning of their academic voyage until this joyous moment. She highlighted the memories and milestones they had achieved together, urging the current students to remain focused and uphold the honor of their alma mater.

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Assistant Professor Miss Kiyum Ori, a distinguished faculty member of the Civil Engineering Department, reminded the outgoing students of the challenges they would soon face in the real world. With conviction and concern, she stressed the importance of maintaining a steadfast focus on their careers, urging them to become resilient problem solvers and contributors to society.

Assistant Professor Talkeshwar Ray spoke passionately about the true essence of University education. He emphasized that obtaining a degree is merely the first step towards success, emphasizing that students must embody principles such as sincerity, dedication, and discipline to thrive in life. Mr. Ray drew a poignant analogy, comparing the process of molding raw soil into valuable bricks to the transformation that students undergo during their educational journey. Just as the bricks, when properly oriented, create sturdy structures, so too must students maintain their focus and dedication to ensure a solid foundation for their future careers.

Rashidul Alam, another esteemed Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department, echoed the sentiment of his colleagues and urged the outgoing students to remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence. Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, he encouraged them to continually seek personal and professional growth beyond their academic achievements.

The evening was not just a platform for advice and reflection; it was also a celebration of talent and cultural diversity. Students from various semesters showcased their talents through captivating performances, demonstrating the vibrancy and creative spirit of the Civil Engineering Department at Himalayan University.

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As the event concluded, the outgoing students left behind a powerful message for their juniors. They highlighted the transformative journey that the University has embarked upon, expressing their belief that Himalayan University will soon become the preferred destination for students across the state and the entire country. Their parting advice to their juniors was to embrace regularity and attentiveness in classes and extracurricular activities, recognizing the immense potential for growth and development that their University offers.

With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, the Civil Engineering Department at Himalayan University bids farewell to its exceptional outgoing students, knowing that they will go on to make their mark in society. As the juniors take their place, they are reminded of the responsibility they bear to uphold the reputation of their alma mater, embrace the challenges that lie ahead, and contribute to the advancement in the field of Civil Engineering.

As the evening concluded, the heartfelt farewells echoed through the halls, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance. The Civil Engineering Department at Himalayan University will continue to nurture and guide its students, preparing them to tackle the real-world challenges with confidence and integrity, while also fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration that will endure for years to come.


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