Itanagar: Felix announces reward of Rs 10 lakh to encourage drivers to obey traffic rules

Felix said that even though the state government, police and the department concerned are trying their best to figure out ways to curb traffic congestion in the Capital Complex..


Arunachal Pradesh Home minister Bamang Felix announced an Reward of Rs 10 lakh for the best driver of public transport union. The condition is that Union ( including all its members) should not cross the traffic rules violation limits of 100 cases. Minister has announced this award with a purpose to encourage the transport federation members, specially drivers to obey traffic rules.

The minister make this announcement while addressing the 5th Road Safety and Traffic Rule Awareness Programme organised by the All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) on Saturday at Ganga Market here.

Addressing the gathering Felix said that even though the state government, police and the department concerned are trying their best to figure out ways to curb traffic congestion in the Capital Complex, the transformation would only be productive if the settlers also change their mindset and think of the problem as their own and the movement to fight against traffic menace.

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“The issue of traffic congestion which has been haunting the Capital Complex  is created by all of us in a way or the other and the onus to fix this problem lies upon us as well. If only we keep on reminding ourselves that we will not bother anyone else while we are driving, we are indirectly following traffic rules. When we follow traffic rules, traffic congestion automatically goes down,” said Felix.

Felix said that people normally have a habit of blaming each other for every problem and that mindset too has to change in order to create a conducive environment in the Capital. instead of blaming other we need to introspect ourselves.

Instead of saying ‘you’ are responsible all the time, let us start saying “we” can fix this. Let us all follow the basic traffic rules, park out vehicles properly and drive safely, the minister said.

He said that everyone right from the chief minister to the person who drives an auto or tempo for a living is a “driver” in one way or the other.

“We all have responsibilities. The chief minister being in the driver’s seat in the State has to meet the expectations of his people and bring overall development. I being the driver of the home minister have to make sure that law and order is maintained. Likewise, a tempo, trekker or bus driver has the responsibility to make sure that his passengers reach their destinations safely,” said Felix.

The award, Felix said would be handed over the Union when the next road safety and traffic rule awareness programme takes place in December and directed the capital SP to form a committee to monitor the same.

Speaking as guest of honor, Arunachal Pradesh Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB & OCWWB) chairman Jalley Sonam said the public has to extend its cooperation to the government and administration to achieve better results in all spheres.

Sonam also called for putting an end to fine system when accidents happen and instead let the police do their duty.

Capital superintendent of police Tumme Amo thanked the AAPPTF for extending their support and cooperation to the government and police at all times.

While assuring that his department is giving all out effort to fix traffic congestion, Amo at the same time also spelt out some of the initiatives launched by the police department in regards to traffic safety.

The SP further informed that from July 20, the “no helmet no petrol” policy would be implied strictly and sought the people’s cooperation for the same.

Amo said almost 40 percent people of the state are living in the Capital Complex and that percentage would rise to 50 or 60 percent in the coming years and so would the number of vehicles. For this he suggested that proper planning should be done.

Every hotel, shopping complex etc should have their own parking lots, roadside vendors should be shifted to suitable places. All out dated vehicles should be removed, he said.

AAPPTF president Dobing Sonam highlighted the basic traffic rules and regulations one has to follow to drive safe and stay away from being booked by the traffic cops.

Sonam, however, lamented that the government and district administration has not paid heed to the long felt demand of constructing parking areas for commercial vehicles in the Capital region as place by the federation several times.

“We’ve been supporting the government in all its endeavors since long, however the government has failed to listen to our genuine demands. All we are asking for is proper parking places and good roads. The public deserves to have good roads,” Sonam said.

Among others, Director transport Tage Tado, District Transport Officer C Wangsu and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sang state president Yasi Sonam, Organising Chairman cum President CSMA Toko Tadap, AAPPTF IPR Secretary Kokum Paffa also spoke.

The AAPPTF on the occasion also submitted a memorandum to the home minister in which it demanded immediate allotment/construction of parking lots for commercial vehicles, construction of stoppage sheds and parking places with public toilets and installation of CCTVs at all vital locations of the Capital Complex.


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