Itanagar: Traffic Jam becomes nuisance for residents of twin capital city

Whenever you hear someone talk about Itanagar and Naharlagun, traffic jam in twin capital city is one issue that is sure to pop up. 



By Manoj Singh

The commuters now a day pray to whichever god they believe in to save them from the horrible traffic jam which has been a nuisance for all in the twin capital city of Arunachal Pradesh.

One person, who seems to be intelligent and experienced enough, said that the general public a is also equally responsible as several trekkers and self styled vehicle owners have no sense of responsibility create the traffic jams in the first place.

One lady driving a small car said “This is the state of affairs every day, I have a lot of pending work in the office as there was Arunachal Bandh yesterday and I couldn’t go to the office but today even though I left my house half an hour before, I still don’t think I would reach the office on time”.

Itanagar: Traffic Jam becomes nuisance for residents of twin capital city

One  student coming in a school bus from Jully road said it is a very horrible state of affairs as even if there is relaxation of no entry in day time for two hours for heavy vehicle, most of the time is being  wasted in the traffic jam between Papu Nallah and Naharlagun.

The traffic jam situation is becoming a nuisance and everyone is being affected by this problem. However, it is also a responsibility for the general public to play their part as this problem can be alleviated to some extent if all commuters including commercial vehicle Trekker/Auto/Tempo) and VIPs adhere to the traffic rules.


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