Itanagar: Prince Dhawan warns of strict action on bandh calls



The Capital Complex District Administration taking strict action against the bandh callers. So far six persons had been preventive detention in regards to declares of 12 hours capital complex bandh call on 29th December by the Abo Tani Clan Organization (ATCO) and four others.

This was informed by the Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan here on Thursday  in a press conference at media center, state Civil Secretariat and he also inform that main leaders of the Organisation are still absconding, and he also requested the peoples that any kinds of information about them should be directly inform to the District administration and police.

While informing about the state government’s declaration that the bandh call announce by the Abo Tani Clan organisation was illegal and Dhawan said that whereas the bandh callers themselves absconding then there will no bandh call because no one has to lead the bandh call. He also inform that both the Itanagar and Naharlagun market welfare Association and Transports Federation Association are rejected the bandh call and supporting the government or district Administration and the vendors, shopkeeper etc also rejecting the bandh call and ready to open their shops.

The bank managers are also giving support to the administration and they ready to open their banks as usual by rejecting proposed bandh call he added. He also requests all citizens to open their business establishment during the bandh call and appeal all such organisation not to call bandh in the interest of common people.

The DC also warns that the bandh callers will be holding the responsible for the any kinds losses incurred during the bandh. Any public or private property damage or losses incurred shall be realized from the bandh callers as per the Court’s order.

The Chief Secretary in-charge Marnya Ete, inform that the state government has already declared the proposed unwarranted bandh call announced on 29th December by the Abo Tani Clan Organization (ATCO) as illegal and has appealed the citizen of the state to firmly denounce it. through a high a meeting.

And government will not tolerate any bandh call which is against the greater interest of the people of state in general and capital complex in particular. The bandh call is nothing but to disturb the activities of the government.

And appealed the public and requested the government employees in particular not to pay any heed to this unreasonable call and to come out as they would on any normal day and carry on their daily activities without any fear or apprehension of reprisals.

Capital SP Sagar Singh Kalsi informed this daily that we are continuing flag march in Itanagar to create sense of security among the citizens.

We have arranged elaborate security arrangement in the entire capital complex, set nakas at 13 dedicated places, kept reserved force in all four police station right from Banderdewa to Itanagar. Reserved force, strike reserved force kept, two place have been requisitioned and dedicated as Jail one at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Naharlagun and another at Itanagar. Temporary pickets have been maintained and security have been elaborated and intensified from various label including VIP and normal Market area for containing any untoward law and order problem. So far 11 company force have been arranged for the purpose. Kalsi added.


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