Video: Capital Police foiled the NESA Rally in Itanagar


The proposed motorbike rally of the Nyishi Elite Student of Arunachal Pradesh (NESA) which was supposed to start from Akashdeep to Nirjuli was foiled by the Capital Police before it start as permission for carrying rally was not given by the capital district administration.


Hundreds of motorbike’s having flags and banners was supposed to make start from Akashdeep marketing complex at around 9 AM was disrupted by the large contingent of police force led by Capital SP Sagar Singh Kalsi, SDPO Make Bui and Executive Magistrates and other officer and the banners and flags were seized.

On the insistence of the students leaders led by Biri Chatum and Tadar Janu and protesters they were allowed to go in small numbers but not in convoy.

Blaming the district administration and Deputy Commissioner NESA President Biri Chatum lambasted several allegation on Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan and said that we have given written information and permission was sought which was processed by the DC Incharge which was delayed and no proper information was given to us till last evening and we have arranged for the peaceful rally to impress upon the government for our several demand.

DC is playing politic against them and not treating all equally and had done injustice to their organisation and said that several organisation have been given permission for carrying out similar rally but they been denied.

Meanwhile SP Capital who was also present there said that there is no permission for carrying out rally by NESA and we are bound to law and here to maintain peace and tranquillity and regulate traffic.

Kalsi said it is peak hour and there are rush of traffic on road. In case if the students assure to  go in small convoy they may be allowed to reached their destination but by adhering to all laws.

He said that the flags, banners and all materials were seized and they have not taken any law into their own hand we may allow them to go in small groups.

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