Arunachal: Taji inaugurates 3 day convention of Kiogi Welfare Society



The president of Kiogi Welfare Society (KWS) of Arunachal, Kiogi Bamang Taji inaugurated thee three day convention here at Dree ground today. The three day celebration which include games and sports, cultural activities and others by the clan members.

Addressing the gathering Taji in his address said that we as a tribal people have lots of ethos and story of our forefather which we identify us from clan to clan and different community. We are rich in culture and we have to preserve our tradition which shall identify and this have to passed on to our younger generation.

Our tradition and culture is our identity and appeal the younger generation to follow so that we are always attached with our identity, culture and tradition.

Several leaders  and  sub clan members of the NGOs also address the gathering which include Organising Chairman Kiogi Bake Talik,  Organising Secretary Kiogi Giogi Ganga, KWS General Secretary Kiogi Giogi Paih and others.

Several issues confronting and other issue of the clan were discussed, debate and discussion on several social issues also started with clan members and leaders of the NGO.

Family and clan members of Kiogi which include from Bake, Bamang, Gichik, Lingdum, Kej, Hamu, Yarda, Yarna, Yora, Gida, Giogi, Logyo, Loghi, Lingko, Majik, Yuchak, Loke were present on the occasion.

The programme shall continue till December 30 wherein resolution would be adopted for the wellbeing of the community and clan and others.


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