Arunachal:  Police Violates No Parking rule in Itanagar



By Manoj Singh

If you are thinking that the above photo is of a parking place, then you are wrong. This  photo is of a NO PARKING ZONE. But very interestingly the police changed it into like a PARKING PLACE or Parking Zone.

It have been seen every day that the traffic police and even traffic warden have been facing hard for making No Parking in Bank Tinali area of capital where the traffic have been rise during day time, but they also violated the traffic rule.

Deputy Commissioner Capital Complex Prince Dhawan have already issued order for making the area free from congestion right from Parkign lots to Hotel Ane but it is hardly obey by the commuters and police has failed to maintain no parking zone.

The whole story is that …………the capital police have installed a “naka” to checking two wheelers and defaulters,  but they violated the order for which they appealing general people to follow.

Arunachal:  Police Violates No Parking rule in Itanagar

Instead of conducting of traffic checking at free and broad place.  the capital police have made traffic jam at Bank Tinali and  violated No Parking in the name of naka checking.

However SP Capital Complex Sagar Singh Kalsi said that direction have been issued not to add traffic congestion by conducting traffic checking /naka in busy area.


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