Weeklong Abo-Tani foundation day celebrations begins



The first ever historic Abo-Tani foundation day celebration cum Tani festival at IG park from October 25th to October 31st began here with its inauguration by the former Chief Minister Gegong Apang and PPA President and former Minister Kahfa Bengia chief guest and guest of honour respectively in presence of host of dignitaries today.

Addressing the gathering former Chief Minister Gegong Apang said that Tani language need to have lots of research so that it become in writing and become a history for the Abo-Tani community.

Recalling his long political history Apang said that what have been done by the present team of ATCO is a history for different community of state, a history have began today by celebrating the Abo-Tani foundation day and it should be continue till goal is meet. The very creation of the organisation need to be elaborated to the masses.

‘United we stand divided we fall’ he said that we need to contact from people to people by way from games and sports, culture interacting each other so that we the descendents of the Abo-Tani live together. Stating that time have come and the community need to awake arise and remain united to maintain the glory of the Abo-Tani.

The world is a family and without condemning any religion Apang said that everyone have born to die and do not speak lie, speak truth so that people shall have faith. I have been doing my duty in serving the humanity free of cost to the children’s of deaf and dump and hearing impaired and running the Donyi Polo school of hearing impaired, and visually impaired, BK Mission School and shall continue to do.

Describing the Mega Hydro Power Project is not in the interest of the human existence and said that  it would not only affect the people of downstream but also to the upstream and said that there should be alternate to that. He said that we don’t want that our area should be under submerge under water he observed and appeal the Prime Minister in this regard.

Referring to the memorandum Apang said ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ and appeal the government of Arunachal Pradesh to immediately create the department immediately without delay. To promote national unity and integrity and to promote the tribal people unity the government may declare the day as a restricted holiday for celebration and would request the CM, DCM and BJP President for the same. Apang added.

Guest of honour PPA President Kafa Bengia in his address said that it is a challenging period. Arunachal is mini India and facilitate all tribal community to live in harmony and live in harmonies way. “No deceives forces can divide our community.

We have our tradition, language, art and culture which need to be taken care as it is our identity. Referring to the oral literature which have been reflected by Talom Rikbo a


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