Interact with locals wherever you go, says Robin Hibu

New Delhi

By Manoj Singh

Delhi Police, Special Commissioner Robin Hibu while speaking on the continuous discrimination to North Eastern people in the mainland, asked the people of North Eastern states to become a part of a local and interact with them wherever you go.

“One should learn to communicate in local language as well as socialize with the locals in any festivals and important events,” said Hibu stating that it is what he does wherever he is posted which allows him to carry out his duty as police officer.

“When you stay different from the community you live in, you become different before their eyes as well. But if you become the part of the society by joining them in their cultures, they will also treat you as their own,” he added.

He further added that likewise the public leaders of the locality should be invited in any festival that the North Eastern States people celebrate.

Furthermore, he advised the people to try to take things in positive way even when other passes derogatory remarks.

“Many a time, I too have faced many discriminatory remarks. However, instead of reacting in a negative way, I usually explained them about the place and culture that I come from. And make them understand that I am an Indian too. Sometimes, I carry Indian map with to show them about my state Arunachal Pradesh,” he added.

Stating that the North Eastern states have a lot of resources of its own, he called for youths to employ themselves with the available resources instead of coming to cities in search of jobs stating that many of them lend in unrecognized organizations and become a victim of various types.

“We need to learn from Sikkim, we do not see many youth from the state in the metro cities because the state makes full use of the natural resources available. Likewise, if the tourism of our state is also promoted like theirs, we will also see more development,” he added.

He also added that many youths from North East come to metro cities after skill set training in promise of a job but sometimes become a victim of various types. He asked them to be vigilant and be informed about various norms related to working in organizations.

He viewed that Labour department should also be set up in the state of Arunachal Pradesh to monitor the whereabouts of youth who goes out in search of job.

Meanwhile, he said that one should be a part of a change if one wishes to bring changes in a society, when asked of his driving force that inspires him to work for the people.

“Apart from the Policing work, I have been staying in the cities and if I can help students and youths to get any helps like availing scholarship; I do so as I want to see them become pillar of a society,” he added.


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