Freedom 251: each phone will give Rs 31 profit- Mohit Goeal

New Delhi


Mohit Goel, the Director of Ringing Bell, the manufacturer of world’s cheapest smartphone Freedom 251 has  claims that he not only will deliver the phones at the price he has quoted, but the company will also earn a profit of Rs 31 on each handset sold. The Freedom 251 smartphone is not only the cheapest smartphone in the world, there is nothing phone about its sales, asserted Mohit Goel. Goel also insisted that his new venture is not a fly-by-night operation and will begin customer deliveries from April 15. 

The company claims that since it started accepting applications on February 18 it has received over 7 crore registrations on its website. “We are taking online bookings for only 25 lakh units in the first batch due to limited supplies, while giving another 25 lakh through offline distributors. I will deliver the handsets before June 30. All the money that we receive from customers through the payment gateway will be kept in an escrow account and we will touch it only when we deliver the devices.” The company has an account with ICICI Bank.

It must be noted that, since he announced the launch of a mobile phone for Rs 251, Mohit Goel has faced widespread scepticism, along with visits by police and income tax officials at his rented two-storey office in Noida.  Freedom 251 -3

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