Truth behind the world cheapest smart phone “Freedom 251”

New Delhi

The creator of the world’s cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 has now become a subject of controversy. The product itself was marred with numerous controversies with the Cellular association already stating that it is impossible to create a Smartphone under the claimed price. You must know the Truth behind the world cheapest smart phone “Freedom 251”.Freedom-2


Noida based company Freedom 251 recently launched the world’s cheapest Smartphone priced, as the name suggests at Rs 251.  Online booking to buy this phone was to begin on Thursday, Feb 18 but the website crashed within a few minutes after becoming operational. According to the company, the crash was reportedly due to server overload as lakhs of people simultaneously tried to place their order, with the company finally deciding to suspend online booking services on its website for 24hrs.

Laced in the patriotic hues of the national tricolour, Freedom 251 has managed to attract a large number of Indians but has also raised some questions in the minds of its potential buyers like the 4 month delivery period after booking and the uncertainty of its eventual arrival even after the 4 month Freedom- 3delivery period and the most important of all, the seemingly impossible feat of packing a phone priced at a mere Rs 251 with features found in many mid to high end Smartphones.

Other Cell Phone manufacturers are equally puzzled by its manufacturer’s  tall  claims and the mystery behind this Smartphone is keeping everyone from technical analysts to common folk occupied.


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