Ringing Bell Disclosed the Secret behind Freedom 251’s Price

New Delhi

Economist can not Diagnose the secret behind the price of the world cheapest smart phone Freedom 251.  The worldwide smartphone maker and smart phone companies are also not able to understand how such a low price of 251 freedom, but it is true, then the question arises that how to Ringing Bell  selling this smart phone in just 251 rupees. Mr Ashok Chadha, President of Ringing Bell disclosed the secret behind Freedom 251 price.

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Ashok Chadha disclosed the hidden secret behind this handset price of Rs 251, Chadha said that the they have not getting any government subsidy, Only benefit to which company received, for the Freedom 251 is from  start-up in India and Make in India plans only.

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Chadha told an English website,  Freedom 251 is the first product to benefit from these schemes. Clearly, it is also a one of the reason that the price of the handset they did Rupees 251. Chadha accept the fact that the Freedom 251 is definitely a Adcom Icon 4 Mobile. Chadha acknowledged that mobile manufacturing cost is around 2500 rupees. But the company will be able to sell Freedom  251, at a price of Rs 251 due to its unique business model Cadha added. Chadha also said that the due to the most duty exemption the price about 400 rupees already down and , these mobile to be assembled in India, so that another  13.8 per cent of charges will be waived.

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The phone company has decided to sell it on your own online e-commerce platform, because it decreases the cost of the distributor and Middleman,  so that it again decreases the cost of Rs 480. After this works out the price of the phone become Rs 1,000. The company will compensate this with  few more schemes. Chadha said the company has several products that are cell using e-commerce platform want to sell him, the rest of the steps we will take to recover Rs 700-800 .


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