Arunachal: Search & Rescue Operation for Tapi Mra & Niku Dao Continue

Here are the photographs of the location .

ITANAGAR-  Latest updates of the Search & Rescue Operation for missing Arunachal Pradesh mountaineers  Tapi Mra and his associates Niku  was continue Dao as on 12th September 2022.

Army helicopters inducted two more Army personnel along with essential equipment near the Base Camp today morning. The total strength of the rescue team at Base Camp now is ten  which includes nine Army personnel and one civil mountaineer.

Clear weather provided opportunity for a detailed Helicopter Search. Likely arca of missing persons is Camp 2, which is full of deep & wide crevasses as observed from Helicopter.


Avalanches were observed in the adjoining areas of Camp 2.

Rescue team which was inducted at Base Camp yesterday conducted on-ground search around the Base Camp area today. Tomorrow the team will proceed to Camp I area for on- ground search.

All efforts are being made to locate the missing Everester and his assistant.


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