Arunachal: Rape, Murder Accused beaten to death in Lohit


The  two rape accused were allegedly dragged out of a local Police Station and beaten to death by an irate mob in the main market area of tezu in lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh on Monday.

The duo was arrested from Tengapani Tea garden area yesterday  morning, about 25kms from Namgo village.


They two accused are Sanjay Sobor and Jagdish Lohar, were arrested by the police  on charge of The rape and murder of a five year old girl in Namgo village of Wakro circle under Lohit district. While Sanjay Sobor had reportedly raped and then killed the child, the latter was arrested for helping in the crime.


Talking to Arunachal24 , Sandeep Goel, DGP of Arunachal Pradesh , said that "the accused were arrested by the Arunachal Pradesh police from Tengapani tea garden on Sunday evening allegedly for raping and murdering a 5-year -old girl at Namgo village under Wakro circle in Lohit district on Feb 12".  On Monday morning at about 11:30 am, hundreds of people gathered before the police station. They suddenly attacked on the police station and dragged out both the accused, after that the mob beaten and killed them , but it the matter of investigation " how the mob enter in to the police station and dragged out the accused person" he added. Meanwhile , the Lohit police registered a case and started investigation. A Prohibitory order under section 144 under CR Pc is alo enforced in the entire town.

But today entire public of wakro gether and took out the both the accused from police custody and killed both of them in the middle of the market.
What is more shocking is the fact that the two accused earlier allegedly raped and killed a minor on Feb 12.

The victim was from Namgo Village under Wakro circle in Arunachal Pradesh. She was missing since Feb 12 and later her body was recovered near a tea-garden few kilometers from Namgo village. Later the Police had apprehended the two accused in connection with the ghastly crime and according to sources, both the persons had admitted to the crime.

The incident has led to widespread sensation in the area.


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  1. Neither do i say yes to this killing But nor do i support rape and murder. However, stern action is always needed as a warning to criminals. I am sure justice could have been dalayed.., as we know the legal process…..

  2. This is d need of d hour. Cant afford to wait d legal system. A strong message has to be set for d polluted minds.

  3. time for a change and revolution in judicial system.this must always be done whenever such inhuman crime is executed.Warning to all Criminals and Rapists,our people are awakened!

  4. Rapist should be punished by law, who kill these two rapist are also murders. The government and police can not protest people, just dismiss should be fine

  5. People who were talking about law i know u all are rapist .She was only 5y old child, brutally rape n murdered. U people know what law sucks. U people are coward .untill we not gonna take action the law will not change.To change it we have to take step. U know how we got freedom from British. Still we are slave.

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