Itanagar: Bailey bridge construction delayed due to redesign and re-drawing-PWD

Save Arunachal Youth Association (SAYA) alleged anomalies in Bailey bridge construction between Naharlaugn and Borum, PWD clarified delayed due to  redesign and re-drawing.


In response to allegations of anomalies in bailey bridge construction over river Pachin near Naharlagun Helipad to connect Naharlagun and Borum, made by Save Arunachal Youth Association (SAYA), the PWD Naharlagun Division Executive Engineer (EE) has on Wednesday, issued a clarification stating that the ‘delay in completion of the scheme is due to redesign and redrawing of the double lane bridge.’

The EE stated that the scheme was initially sanctioned under SIDF during 2016-17 for single lane (3.75m) bailey bridge and the same was tendered and awarded to M/s North East Engineering & Construction Agency A-Sector, Naharlagun.

“On the instruction of the higher authority, this bridge was later changed from single lane to double lane (7.00m) with footpath on the both sides under Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI) the Scheme 2017-18 and sanctioned under SADA- 2018-19. Re-design and re-drawing of this double lane bridge took considerable time hence, the bridge could not complete as per original target date of completion,” he added.

On the allegation of disproportionate payment of bills against the work done, the EE further clarified that the payment was made as per the physical progress of the bridge sub­structure. He also informed that the remaining superstructure work is being fabricated in Kolkata and is expected to complete by August 2020.

“Payment made to the contractor for sub-structure is very much in commensuration with the works done on the ground,” the EE stated.

Earlier in a representation by Save Arunachal Youth Association (SAYA) to Chief Minister on October 28 2019 have allege anomalies in bailey bridge construction on Pachin river at Naharlagun between Naharlagun and Borum near Helipad by M/S North East Engineering & Constructing Agency and inordinate delayed thereof.



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