Arunachal: Chowna Mein attends Solung Festival at Itanagar

He stated Arunachal Pradesh is a land of festivals; our cultures is as diverse as our biodiversity.

ITANAGAR- Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on Thursday graced the auspicious occasion of SOLUNG GIIDI. He stated Arunachal Pradesh is a land of festivals; our cultures is as diverse as our biodiversity.

He informed that in his budget speech, he  had mentioned ‘our culture is our pride’ and we must be proud of cultures and adhere to our roots, that is our culture & traditions while accepting the modernity.

Mein said festivals are the fond ways of celebrating the glorious heritage, culture & traditions and also the carriers of rich traditions & cultural contexts to new generations.

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He said that a silent revolution among the youths can be seen across the state for the need to preserve, promote and propagate the rich culture, tradition and heritage.

He said on such occasions, we must ensure participation of the youths who are our future and will shoulder the responsibilities of the younger generation.


He added elders and intellectuals of the community should take this opportunity to pass on the legacy to younger generation to learn from them about the annals of their own community, language, cultural ethos and traditional values.

Mein said festivals also provide an opportunity to showcase our distinct identity & culture, I am optimistic that celebration of the Solung Festival will strengthen the preservation, promotion and rejuvenation of the age-old customs & traditions of the tribe.

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Mein said State Govt has taken many initiatives in order to preserve & promote the culture, such as 3000 priests have been registered and increased the allocation for honorarium to registered indigenous priests to Rs. 4 Cr.

He also announced that application for Geographical Indicator for five products namely, Khamti Rice known as Khao-Tai, Yak Churpi, Adi Kekir Ginger have already been filed with the Registry. We have also filed a record number of 9 applications for GI Registrations including handlooms & handicrafts in this year of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahatsov namely, Monpa Handmade Paper, Wancho Woodcraft and Beads-Craft, Nyishi Handloom Textiles, Handwoven Woolen Carpets, Apatani Textiles and Tangsa Handloom, added Mein.

Mein said that ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahatsov’ has also given us an opportunity to recognize our unsung heroes. History Department of Rajiv Gandhi University has been entrusted to do research on Unsung Heroes of Arunachal Pradesh and they have been doing it meticulously so far.


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