Arunachal: Solung celebrated with great pomp and show in across Adi in-habitat villages

PASIGHAT (By Maksam Tayeng )- The one of the most popular agricultural festivals of Adis, the Solung (Lune) is being celebrated with great pomp and show in all Adi villages across the Siang and Dibang valleys besides celebrations in towns and cities at other parts.

Usually, the Solung festival is celebrated in the first week of September (some regions/villages also celebrate it in the month of August), after the sowing of seeds, to seek prosperity and a good harvest. The main celebration of the festivals are in three main parts, i.e. Sopi-Yekpi (the first part and the sacrificial day), Binnayat (the second part, the ritual offering to the goddess of crops, Kine Nane) and Ekop, also called Taktor; the ritual made for protection against harms by evil spirits.

Arunachal: Solung celebrated with great pomp and show in across Adi in-habitat villages

The first part known as ‘Sopi-Yekpi’ or ‘Ardo-Bado’ is the main inaugural day during which Mithuns and Pigs are sacrificed and offered to Dadi Bote, the god of domestic animals. The second part of the festival is ‘Binyat’ during which the goddess of crops and food, Kine Nane, is worshiped. During the last phase of the festival, ‘Ekop’ or ‘Taktor’, Miri, the singer leader, narrates the story of Nibo or Abotani who was the forefather of the Adis or Tanis.

Apart from all these, people offer rituals for the protection against the evil spirits and pray to Doying Bote and Gumin-Soyin to shower their blessings, the main highlight of the festival is Ponung dance performance which is done by the ladies of all age groups.

Here at Pasighat, the Central Solung Festival Celebration Committee led by President, Mongol Gao and General Secretary, Er. Kaling Panggeng celebrated Solung at Giidii Notko today which was graced by Tatdo Borang, ADC (HQ) i/c Dy. Commissioner Pasighat as Chief Guest.

While hoisting the flag of Solung and opening the Taku-Tabat of Solung, Borang briefed the origin of Solung and its importance among the Adis. He said that Solung is not only a festival of bumper agricultural harvest, but it is also about the well-being of Adis


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