Arunachal: AAPSU women wing concerned over women’s safety  


The federal Women wings of All Arunachal Pradesh Students union ( AAPSU ) on Saturday raised strong  concern over safety of women’s and surge in rape, violence and atrocities against women’s in a state, which was once considered safest haven for women’s folks in the whole country.


In a press conference, President, AAPSU (WW), Rosy Rangnai while referring to recent brutal rape and killing of minors over past few moments said that “Our state is known for great tradition, diverse cultures, where women are celebrates in many forms is now unable to make its towns, cities & villages a safe haven for women’s. Forget society, now the women’s are not safe inside their homes as well. It is disheartening yet blatant truth,” she adds.

Citing need for changing mindset, including policy and strict laws that need to bring fore front under POSCO act to ensure safety of women’s in the state, Rangnai suggested for creation of more women police stations in every districts including recruitment of more women in the police force as to check the increasing crime against women’s.

Asserting that many rapes cases were mostly committing by outsiders, who enters into the state in search of employment opportunities, she  called for strict checking of documents before issuing ILP to outsiders, which she opined will be help in controlling such crimes against women to great extend in near future.

In the meantime referring to rape case of minor at Yingkiong by her own teacher, she requested private schools management authority to properly check background and bio-data of the applicants before recruiting them as teachers and keep an eye on such teachers recruited from outside the state.

General Secretary, (AAPSU-WW),KIpa Yanu  in her address called for strict implementation of sections under POSCO Act in the state and called for introducing sex education in school curriculum along with creation of post for  subject teachers to teach sex education in primary school up to college level.

Terming sex education as not only important from a biological knowledge point of view, she underscored that if students are well informed more about sex or inject correct concept of sex in their minds then they  can gain incremental knowledge about how to prevent or face  sexual exploitation in schools, homes and outside.

“It is through generating awareness’ in the society and educating children’s that we can protect them from horrific experiences of sexual abuse and exploitation. And government should embark on to develop well planned counseling programs with main focus on sexual abuse to give masses more understanding about sexuality and gender roles.

 Convener, Bengia Mepu attributed societal norms and mentality as the root cause of women being silent about their traumatic experience that forcing them to avoid narrating the glory details of their ordeal in open.

Asserting that it is not only responsibility of government to conduct awareness, but duty of every parents to teach their children about such crimes prevailing in our society, she called upon all women folks in the state to stand against such atrocities and report to concern authority for justice.


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