The Tale of  Taji Tarak ( Rocky Mountain ) of Arunachal Pradesh

The Tale of  Taji Tarak ( Rocky Mountain ) of Arunachal Pradesh- Village elders had many stories about Taji Tarak. Arunachal24 Citizen Reporter of this area elaborating the stories related to Taji Tarak.



By Gollo Nagu Nguri

There is a mystery around the story of the Taji Tarak, the rocky mountain that is considered sacred by the the Nyishi community. The mountain gets its name from the local dialect: TAJI, meaning broom (bromus herba) and TARAK which means rocky mountain. Taken both the words together Taji Tarak would mean, the rocky mountain covered with the broom grass.

At the foot hills of the rocky mountain lie a string of villages, such as, KIDDING, KULLUNG and TAPO under the Mengio circle of the Papum Pare district.

Some villagers described Taji Tarak as like the back portion of mithun, SABBEY HANGTANG. Many of them often trekked long distance for hunting and fishing through the treacherous jungle paths that were used by tigers and other wild animals. They would hike up the top of the mountain to have a long view of their villages and the whole of Mengio town.

Village elders had many stories about Taji Tarak.

One very popular story goes like this: the Nyshi ancestors believed that once upon a time there was a family of MIG-MIRE(invisible men or wiyus) who lived deep inside the TAJI TARAK (mountain). They used to grow all kinds of magic fruits and vegetables, including NYARI-YOKKA and UPPUM-UJUK, a special Gourd that they usually used for carrying water or local brew.

Somewhere there lived MARTUNG TAM, an invisible dragon which lorded over the world. Once he wanted to show his power, he swalloed the sun that was the only source of life. As a result, the whole world fell into darkness causing TAM DIMIK NAAM (Solar eclipse). MIG MIRE got very furious at behaviour of the MARTUNG TAM. They took out their bows and arrows and shot at the dragon. The arrow was so poweful that it tore apart the heart of MARTUNG TAM which freed the sun from its clutch. The eclipse soon disappeared and the world returned to full of sunshine.

Another popular story of Taji Tarak.

One day accidentally an old man from Tapo village set a fire inside forest, as he was searching for his SABBEY (mithun, bosfrontalies) . Unfortunately, the fire quickly spread and engulfed the entire forest of Taji Tarak. The fire burnt down everything, including the home of MIG-MIRE(invisible men or wiyus) along with their dearest daughter and favourite NYARI-YOKKA and UPPUM-UJUK (Gourd).

The village elders belielved that MIG MIRE had cast a death spell on the old man to avenge the death of their little daughter.

Ascribed of burnt fire now TAJI TARAK is became nude and hushed, only few of rocky mountain plants and bristle cone trees are growth.




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