Namsai arson case: Adi Mising Baane Kebang serves 24 hrs ultimatum to DC Namsai

In view of Namsai arson case in Mabira Village the Adi Mising Baane Kebang (AMBK) has served an ultimatum to Dy. Commissioner, Namsai for timely action.



By Maksam Tayeng

In view of current tense situations at Namsai after some miscreants burnt down several houses of Adi communities at New Mabira and Old Mabira village under Namsai circle on 12th and 25th October last, the Adi Mising Baane Kebang (AMBK) from both Arunachal and Assam has served an 24 hrs ultimatum to Dy. Commissioner, Namsai for timely action without any more delay.

’AMBK also mentioned that, AdiSU team had already informed DC Namsai and had requested to arrest the culprits involved in the inhuman activities. But DC did not arrest the culprits on due time as appealed by AdiSU as a written complaint or FIR was lodged on 14th October last.

On police inaction, AdiSU wanted to organize a peace rally, but Namsai administration accumulated police force at Samuguri bridge and blocked the peaceful rally and let police force to pelting stone and firing tear gas at students due to which the peaceful rally turned as violent.

Viewing the burning down total of 18 houses, 1 community hall and 1 shop at New Mabira and Old Mabira, the AMBK quoted that, such incidences make each and every individual of Adi Mising people awake and feel the pulse of great humiliation, undermining, aggression, atrocities and insult of human dignity in highest degree.

The AMBK has demanded for early arrest of all the culprits involved in burnt down of a Musup and 18(Eighteen) houses and a shop within 24 hrs on received of the ultimatum, immediate reconstruction of  Musup of Mabira Village, Chowkham Circle by performing Adi rituals, provide Rs. 5000000/-(Rs Five Lakh) only/- as compensation to the each victims family as the cost lost of property and humiliation, regularize the land of victims family of Mabira Village and New-Mabira Village respectively and written assurance from Govt. for not to repeat any such incident in future by Thai, Khamti, Singpho people and by any authority to the any Adi people residing within Namsai district.

The AMBK has urged the Government of Arunachal Pradesh through DC Namsai that, the genuine demands of AMBK be heard within 24 hours failing which the AMBK has said that they will be compelled to opt for alternative course of action in all of Adi Mising inhabited areas in Arunachal and Assam in want of justice for the victims.



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