Khandu advises Young APCS officers Not to Succumb under pressure from Politicians


Chief Minister Pema Khandu today advised the young APCS officers not to succumb under pressure of politicians if they are being used for wrong reasons while discharging their duty.


He was addressing the inaugural session of the induction training programme for APCS officers of 2016 batch here at Administrative Training Institute.

The Chief Minister stressed that ‘boldness’ must be the character of an officer and they must be able to advise the politicians from committing wrong deeds. Advising the officers not to let their mind get polluted, he said by being blind to politician’s wrong doings, the officers also become the facilitator of corruption.

Since government officials are the bridge between the government and the public, the Chief Minister advised them to become part of the solution and not be the problem. He also advised them to frame rules that will ease the process to serve the public and not create hindrances for them in availing help.

Focusing on revenue sector, the Chief Minister sought cooperation of the young officers in harnessing the vast natural resources of the state. He said due to consistent efforts from the officials and the state government, the tourism department has registered 10% growth this year.

He said the state government cannot forever depend on the centre and urged the officials to play major role in development efforts of the state by reaching out to the people. He said government officials being largely seen as ‘neutral’ can have considerable influence on common mass.

Informing on steps taken by the state government for fair selection in government jobs, the Chief Minister said keeping in view of the aspirations of the youths, recruitment process for all Group A & B have been handed over to APPSC so that merit solely become the basis for selection. He said departmental recruitment process reportedly involved unfair methods.

The Chief Minister informed that as new districts are being created, more number of vacancies in all category of government posts are being created. He informed that the state government has approved the first Secretariat Service Cadre Review, which was never reviewed since its inception. To boost the morale of civil service officers, he informed that state government has initiated award for excellence in public administration, which would be awarded every year in Civil Service Day.

Secretary AR, Mimum Tayeng spoke on the state training policy framed by the state government to address the competency issues among government officials due to lack of training in their mid career.

About 32 APCS officers are undergoing training for one and half month that involves 16 days tour to North Eastern states.



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