Itanagar: World Ozone Day celebration’ 2020

Itanagar: A webinar was organised by the Department of Environment & Forests, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh on the occasion of World Ozone Day celebration’ 2020 under the theme “Ozone for Life” on 16th September 2O2O in Google .

The objective of the Webinar was highlighted by the Director (Environment), which was mainly to promote Awareness and Education regarding the importance of Ozone layer to the students, teachers and common people.

A Powerpoint presentation was made by Y. Johnson Singh, Project Scientist of the Climate Change Cell highlighting the background history and science behind Ozone and World Ozone day celebration and the importance of the ozone layer for the life on planet earth.

Deliberations were held and viewpoints on the issue of the protection of ozone layer were put up by the participants.

Students, Research Scholars and departmental staffs from the State as O/o PCCF, Itanagar well as other States participated in the webinar, which was a great success.


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