Itanagar- Use Social Media for a good purpose- WAVe

ITANAGAR- The Wake-up Arunachal Volunteers (WAVe) today appeal the consumers and digital media platform users and also the users for social media sites to use it for a good purpose and better output.


Addressing a press conference here today at Arunachal Press club, The WAVe Convener Toko Takar inform that cyber bullying has lots of bad impact on the reputation and image of the individuals.

The internet and digital media and social media sites are to connect the people for fast information and connectivity, the social media also educated people on various issue and now a day one cannot live without social media interaction.

But it has been found that the social media sites are being misused and many people has been defamed by hacking of face book site and sending unnecessary messages and photo of other person to other defaming someone and damaging the hard earned reputation of someone and even after registering of cases in police station it is difficult to trace them immediately and several cases goes without  arrest, proper investigation and punishment. He said.

There is a need of a proper set up of cyber crime or Cyber cell in every district and every police station and one officer of the police station should be well trained specially for these subject as the modern world is now totally depending on digital and electronic and internet activities though various social media platform and such cases are coming time and again in every aspect of life, Takar said.

There are lots of report and complaint for cyber crime and cyber bullying which are doing round the social media which tried to defame and damage the reputation and respect of someone The Face book, Whatsaap and other digital platform are for good use and it should be utilized for the better use but we as an individual and a responsible citizens should think for other reputation and image and we should not play with someone image and reputation and to correct such crime, asgtong cybel cell is required in state. he observed.

The WAVe will start an awareness drive and will visit every police stations and collect data and will come up with a proposal so that the govt can do some important work to get rid of such fraudsters.

He urge upon the state govt to upgrade the cyber cell and also plan for strengthening of the cyber cell and also demanded for taking a cognizance for providing security from such cyber crimes. He added.

The social media is one of the important medium to connect people and one cannot live without social media so it need to be used for better use and utility for a better purpose. The WAVe Chairman Bage Kamsi said.


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