Itanagar: Pigs’ quarantine ordered, selling pork meat banned


As many pigs were found dying due to swine fever in the capital region, the deputy commissioner, Capital Complex, has ordered to keep all the healthy pigs under safe custody and quarantine.


The owners of the pig farms were asked to confine their pigs under safe custody and not allow free loitering and scavenging as well as keeping them under safe custody and quarantined.

Selling of pigs/pork is also temporarily suspended in all the markets of Itanagar Capital Region until the situation improves.

The owners of dead pigs were asked to dispose them off by burying them by digging deep trenches. They are debarred from throwing them into rivers and streams. Failure to comply with this will invite penal action strictly as per Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and section 188 of Indian Penal Code.

Meanwhile, Veterinary Department in Kharsang Sub-division in Changlang district found that pigs are suffering from high fever and alike symptoms resulting in death of pigs within a few days. Consumption of such Pork meat by humans is unhealthy and may result in further health complications, the department warned.

To ensure the safety of inhabitants of Kharsang Sub-division the sale of Pork meat within Kharsang sub division is banned with immediate effect and until further orders, said the order issued on 18 March.

Meanwhile talking to media, Dr L Jampa ruled out possibility of Swine flu outbreak as feared by many people. Dr Jampa said Swine flu is a regular feature, but people need not to fear as they are now immunized.


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