Itanagar: No crisis of LPG gas cylinder- Talo Potom



There is no crisis of LPG cooking gas cylinder in twin capital city, informed  Talo Potom , Additional District Magistrate of capital complex.   Talo Potom, on Wednesday warned to initiate legal action or may cancel the LPG booking card of those consumers holding stock in excess above prescribed quantity of LPG cylinder.

Potom stated that ” I have received complaints that due to over-stocking of LPG cylinders by some individuals, those who are in dire need are not receiving cooking gas” .

The ADM announcement came after reports of residents’ unnecessary hoarding of LPG cylinders surfaced causing problems for the gas agency to maintain the stock as well to genuine needy consumers.

Asserting that DA is taking all necessary precautions to ensure a smooth supply of LPG cylinders, Potom said that the delivery of cylinders is being monitored by DC with support of the Control room to ensure every consumer gets the essential cooking gas.

Requesting people not to panic over LPG stock, he also informed that the LPG retail and storage outlets under the district are receiving the normal supply of 360 LPG cylinder per day and there is absolutely no shortage of cooking gas and no interruption in its supply.

To ensure its uninterrupted supply in every colony and sector, potom said a total of six Tata mobile vehicles are daily supplying the indane to the sector and colonies.

“The suppliers are doing the delivery under the supervision of a team consisting of 1 magistrate and police personals, ” he informed while requesting all not to panic and stop panic booking and purchasing.

The ADM also asked people to not venture out of their houses to visit gas agencies as the indane will be delivered at the doorstep to help them during this time of crisis.


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