Itanagar: People compelled to inhale foul smelling smoke in NH-415


By  Manoj Singh


When you pass through NH-415 between Nirjuli and Banderdewa, have to face the foul smelling smoke. not only that, you have to inhale that foul smelling smoke and feel uncomfortable, because there is no option.

Few people says, they feel vomiting tendency after inhaling the smoke while passing toward Banderdewa.

One of the shopkeeper who was coming from Harmuty after Sunday Marketing for his shop said “whom to made complain. It is the responsibility of IMC to see the welfare of the people of capital complex”.

Dil Devi, a old lady travelling in Bus said ” if it continue we may get il . The District administration should issue direction to IMC immediately for proper disposal of garbage at the treatment plant located on NH-415 between Itanagar-Hollongi”.

Moreover In a press release today Nyishi Elite Students of Arunachal Pradesh  (NESA) President Biri Chatum and General Secretary have allege that  the authority responsible for pollution control and environment protection in twin capital City have-not been able to provide clean and healthy environment to the resident.

The union said that the solid waste management plant located at Chimpu  have stopped functioning within a month after it was inaugurated in 2013, even after repairing it could not function properly and lying functionless for months together. Due to non functioning of plant heaps of garbage of capital city is accumulating and causing pollution and it could be source of several disease.

The Union said that even after the capital district administration initiated the work to be started by the Shillong based firm M/S Anderson Bio-Tech who is executing Agency to run the plant and impart training to few local boy of IMC for successful functioning of the plant for few years but could not materialised.

NESA demanded for immediate installation of Municipal solid waste shorting machine, Instillation of wind row compressing (WRC) technology with installation capacity of 200 TPD.

NESA further appeal the authority concern to examine the existing practice and to adopt hygienic processing and waste disposal practice and proved technologies on the basis of economic feasibility and safety. The process and system should be eco-friendly during shorting of garbage, collection from sector/colony, disposal, recycling and recue and all need to formulate standard and regulation for management of solid waste at SWM, Chimpu is initiated and one properly. The release added.


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