Itanagar: Are authorities waiting for an accident due to damaged road at Niti Vihar…?

Itanagar:   Are the capital administration and PWD department is waiting for any major accident at the damaged portion of road at Niti Vihar ….?  The  question raised by locals  who has been appealing the authorities for repairing of the damaged portion of the road.


It is to inform that due to heavy downpour the major portion of the road near the try junction at VIP area of Niti vihar has collapse and the portion of the road has also washed away.

However the crossing of one way traffic has been managed on temporary basis  but in bad shape and any accident may takes place at any time the local allege.

The locals allege that several top most of the state government are residing in the area but they only carried out inspection but no solution has been so fare made inspite of the major damaged cause at the road several weeks ago.

A local passerby inform that few more portion of the road has also collapse few days ago and it is in horrible condition and any accident may takes at any point of time if immediate solution is not taken up.

When contacted, PWD Capital division ‘A’, Executive Engineer T. N. Tara accepted that  ” the PWD is aware of the road damaged at Niti Vihar and officers has visited at several occasion for a feasible works. In the meantime another portion of the road has also washed away and the condition of the said portion in bad shape.

We are planning for a permanent solution and today team of senior officers led by Chief Engineer (Drawing and design) Atop Lego, SE and other has visited the spot and has carried out inspection and will make a detail survey and prepare design and with estimate and proposal will be sent to state goverment for consideration. He said.

There is a huge slope and permanent solution can only last there for which the department will take up with government. He informed.

Meantime, we are exploring possibilities that for smooth flow of one way traffic we will take it up for temporary correction and repairing. EE added.


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