Itanagar: PCCC coaching through smart classes

Smart classes would be introduced with power projectors for effective teaching and learning process for highly talented Arunachalee students,

ITANAGAR (By Pradeep Kumar)-  With higher education becoming too competitive in 20th century, parents have been looking for better institutes for coaching their children to get engineering and MBBS seats in reputed higher institutions, said entrepreneur Domin Loya, who has conceived the idea of Potential Coaching and Career Counselling (PCCC).

Claiming that the PCCC would serve as best alternative to any coaching centre either at high demanding Kota in Rajasthan or in any part of the country including Guwahati, Loya said the ‘PCCC Team’ particularly highly qualified faculty members are its glittering proof.


During a planning meeting in the institute, located at Claret Towers in E-sector along NH-415 here on Sunday, he introduced faculty members, namely Samuel Hazarika, PhD (Chemical Engineering), Yogesh Joshi, Sujeet Mehta, A K Chaudhary and P K Verma, all B Tech and from NIT Arunachal Pradesh; Plaban Pratim, MSC (Life Sciences), JNU, Delhi and Nihar Adhikari, MSc (Zoology), Gauhati University.

PCCC would be introduced smart classes with power projectors for effective teaching and learning process for highly talented Arunachalee students, particularly who cannot afford such coaching outsides for the PCCC to make a difference, Loya said, when Hazarika, the CEO, pitched in to add that many feel that they cannot bet the cut off marks for engineering and medical seats. But through counseling, they would be convinced that some sincere effort with expert guidance getting a seat is possible.

“Arunachal Pradesh has been my karma bhumi where I got my engineering degree for which I have come from my native place Kota to return something in return”, Joshi said with satisfaction lit large over his face.  Smart classes would help students visualize their lessons and leave a longer impression on their minds about topics taught, said Joshi having experience about coaching in Kota.

“The institute would also offer hostels for boys and girls so that those from other parts of this vast state and outside face no accommodation problem and get the much required educational atmosphere during coaching,” Loya announced.

The ‘PCCC Team’ through free counselling  facilitated 18 students this year to get seats in higher institutions, including one in IIT, four in NIT and two BDS, Loya said, adding “We target IITs and tangible results would be visible  from next year onward” when all of them dittoed equivocally reflecting their commitment.

Informing that the PCCC would offer coaching for IIT-JEE (PCM), NEET (PCB), PCMB, 10th CBSE foundation, Maths and Science, Loya said that it is the beginning and all efforts would be made to create a benchmark.

Interestingly, reports about Kota, which used to be famous for its JEE coaching, has lost its glory as most of the students there either get distracted or get into bad habits, writes FIITJEE’s 2019all India rankers Himanshu Gaurav Singh (2) & Archit Bubnan (3). FIITJEE had given two zonal toppers, nine state toppers and 21 city toppers.


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