Itanagar: Not to construct illegal structre along the roads- Talo Potom

Itanagar:  A temporary illegal structure constructed along the Bank Tinali-Niti vihar road here near the Kingcup school was self demolished on Tuesday under the Watch and Ward  of Additional district Magistrate (ADM) Talo Potom. The structure was demolished after ADM passed an order in this regard.

Meanwhile the ADM Talo Potom has urged people to refrain from constructing illegal structure along the roads be it highway, colony or sector road to avoid hindrance of free flow of traffic and pubic movement.


“People should follow the law and do not take up construction activities within ROW.  The ROW which has been notified twice in 2001 and 2006 has clearly defined everything,” said ADM Potom. He also made it clear that structures which are being constructed within ROW will be demolished in near future.

“People who are constructing structure near roads whether it is in highway, sector or colony should remember that whenever government decides to construct or broaden road, their structure will be demolished after eviction notice. So don’t waste your money for constructing such illegal structure,” Potom added.

He urged the people intending to construct structure to do it as per the town planning to avoid controversy in future. “The Itanagar capital region (ICR) is being developed as smart city by the government.  The citizens needs to understand that no one can or will be allowed to break the law. I appeal to the people of ICR to voluntarily cooperate with the authorities,” said ADM. Further Potom urged people to stop constructing structures by blocking natural drain and streams.

 “These people are not only putting their own lives at risk but also that of the entire township,” he added.


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