Arunachal: HU organises Prgm on “Exploring New Academic Techniques: Research and Publication through AI Tools.”

This FDP programme is one among the first to be held in Higher Educational Institutions in Arunachal Pradesh.

ITANAGAR-  The Department of Political Science, Himalayan University ( HU ) organized One Day Faculty Development Programme on dated 28th May, 2024 on the theme “Exploring New Academic Techniques: Research and Publication through AI Tools.” This FDP programme is one among the first to be held in Higher Educational Institutions in Arunachal Pradesh. The programme began with a welcome address by Mr. Daksap Ete, Assistant Professor of the department.

A keynote address was delivered by Dr. Dipongpou Kamei, Head and Convener of the programme. He highlighted about the need for exploring latest techniques in academic research and publication. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) being one of the latest tools provide and accommodate new ways of learning over the years. No longer do we depend on traditional face-to-face teaching – we’re now embracing blended, online and hybrid learning too, each of which have been driven by technological advancements.


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It was followed by a word of encouragement from Registrar of the University Vijay Kumar Tripathi, where he says that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is serving as a new catalyst in Higher Educational Institutions forcing faculty to reconceptualise teaching and learning, among other areas and asked all the faculties, staffs and students of the University to catch up with the new technology to advance their careers.

The technical session was compered by Ms. Yapi Maling, Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of the programme. The Resource person Dr Jijo P. Ulahannan, Associate Professor in Physics & TED Fellow delivered his presentation covering three principle areas viz., firstly, he explained about the origin of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it has slowly become an important tool in production, teaching and learning among other areas.

He reiterates that Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machine, particularly computer system. Secondly, he focuses on the change and continuity of AI, and how it becomes an important aspect in Higher Educational Institutions.

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He also said that the growing use of AI in the 2st century is influencing a societal and economic shift towards increased automation, data-driven decision-making, and integration of AI system into various economic sectors and areas of life, impacting job market, government, industry and education. Finally, he demonstrated on different AI tools that are applicable for quick research and publication works.

With the completion of lecture, there was Q&A session where the participants both faculties and students raised questions on various aspects. The practical demonstration of AI tools for academic research especially in reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, processing and perception are new experience for many participants.

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It also highlights about a lot of cutting edge tools where a researcher can adapt and integrate a wide range of techniques, including search and mathematical optimization, formalization of logic, and methods based on statistics etc.

Pronouncement of vote-of-thanks was given by Mr. Gerick Ninu, Co-Convener and Assistant Professor of the department. The programme came to an end with great success in terms of quality and participation.


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