Itanagar: Major fire accident averted


A major fire accident was averted by the immediate intervention of linemen,  mechanic of power department and fire fighters of Itanagar fire station when a huge flame of fire caught on electric post in between Legi complex and Vishal Market on  NH-415 in Bank Tinali area on Saturday night.


Itanagar Station Fire Officer Koj Taro inform that at around 9.30 PM due to short circuit fire caught in electric post near Legi Complex in C Sector.

The mishap occurred and we received the information and immediately reached but the staffs of power department was already engaged in disconnecting the conductors and we too supported them in dousing the fire.

The cause of the fire in the electric post is short circuit as stated by the power department staffs present there and there was no information of any loss of life and property and the department staffs were engaged today in repairing the faulty place. Taro added.


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