Itanagar: Land Donors of Hollongi airport raise compensation issue

Land donors of Green Field airport at Hollongi rejected Nabam Rebia committee report on land raised compensation issue.



The Green field Airport land affected peoples Forum of Hollongi (GALAPFH) , General Secretary Likha Teji , addressing media person here at Arunachal Press Club today informed that Nabam Rebia, Minister of Land Management, who is also chairman of the Committee, reported that the ‘ the persons living in this area are occupiers of Government land and the whole area from Magoni to Chengmara River around 14 sqkm land is government land’.

Claiming the Nabam Rebia Committee report is a unilateral and wrong report,  Taji said that we farmers of that area is living and cultivating in our land from generation to generation.  How the Rebia committee can say land is government land…?

He inform that regarding the Committee reports, the land affected people under banner of Green Field airport land Affected Peoples Forum of Hollongi has held a meeting on 2nd January last at Hollongi Tourist lodge and after long discussion on the matter the farmers has passed three points resolution , and have rejected the  status report submitted by Nabam Rebia.

Likha Teji said that we are not against the development of the state , and welcoming  the said airport in our land but fixation of the land compensation  rate should be same as the state  Government paid to land owner in case of land  occupied for NDRF and Power Grid, which was Rs. 1014/- Sqmtr according to “The Right to Fair Compensation & Transparency in Land Acquisition Act. 2013”.

The highest land donor Nabam Taring  who is also the Gaon Burah, said that we are living here from several generation  and the  land is belong to Nyishi Community , not government .

District administration has fixed the land rate of Rs. 1014 per Sqm but now government has try to reduce the compensation rate from Rs 1014 Per Sqmtrs to Rs 253.50 per sqrm by claiming the proposed land is government land. And this kinds of report is hurting the land affected people and their family members.

Further he said that if government failed to pay with rate of Rs.1014 per Sqmtrs than we are not going to give our land to government. We may even protest against the double standard of the state government in time to come.


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