Arunchal: IPAP opposes Govt’s statement on PRC

Indigenous People of Arunachal Pradesh (IPAP) opposed the govt’s statement on PRC, threatened for agitation. 



Opposing  the  state govt’s decision on granting PRC to six Non-APST communities, the core committee members of Indigenous People of Arunachal Pradesh (IPAP) on Thursday demanded that the decision must be revoked and the statement made by  Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein should be withdrawn till January 7, otherwise we will compel to launch our movement .

Addressing the reporters at Arunachal Press Club here on Thursday, Chairman of the people’s committee, Pei Topu stated  that any legal status issued to non-APST would contradict the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation of 1873. ‘No PRC should be provided to non-APST communities, as it could open a Pandora’s box for the generations to come.’

It must be mention here that earlier on December 16th, the committee had carried out a protest rally in the state capital against the government’s move to grant PRC to the Non-APST communities residing in Lekang constituency of Namsai District.

However Chief Minister Pema Khandu in an interaction with reporters at Hollongi in Papum Pare district recently said that all procedure will be taken into account after the submission of the Joint High Power Committee (JHPC) report headed by its Chairman  Minister Land Management, Nabam Rebia.


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