Itanagar : Food adulteration is the main cause of health problems- Nabam Rebia

Minister Nabam Rebia said “adulteration of food to be the main cause of various health problems faced by the consumers”


Consumer Right Organization- Arunachal Pradesh (CRO-AP) organized its first ever awareness programme on Consumer Rights, Fortified foods and The Eat Right Movement (TERM) at Dorjee Khandu state convention centre today.


Minister for Land Management, Environment & Forest, Nabam Rebia speaking on consumer on the day as chief guest said that without duty there is no right thus both duty as well as rights should walk parallel. There should be mass awareness on consumer rights so as to make people aware and fight for own rights. These right first should be made known to students who can better understand and experience in school, market and all places and even they can teach their parents and other.

Terming adulteration of food to be the main cause of various health problems faced by the consumers. He asked the department, state government along with the help of CRO-AP to find a solution to curb out the issues.

“The word Consumer and its meaning are broad which can’t be explained in a single word and the people should know about it, Capital Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan said.”

Dhawan elaborated on the eight basic rights of Consumer. Right to safety from hazardous food, house, cloth and water are the few basic needs of human being.

Service provider who does not satisfy the need and safety of the consumer should be complained at the consumer redressed forum. But one should also in the meantime choose the best product which will benefit you and your family’s health, he added.

Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalist (APUWJ) President Amar Sangno meanwhile briefed the role of media in disseminating the awareness on consumer’s rights. He also highlighted various approaches how can various media like, social, electronic and print media can help to generate awareness among the people of TERM and fortified foods.

National working president CRO-India Naveen P Sharma stressed on the very need of consumer awareness of food. Fortified foods are very much needed for to decrease the occurrence of nutrient deficiencies, he said.

The young generations are today much inclined to junk and street foods which is mostly very harmful for the health. The need of food fortification is much needed as people are not much concerned about health, he added.

He also added youths should try to avoid many fats; sugar and salt contain products which cause major health diseases. TERM is an approach by Food Standard and Safety if India (FSSAI) cut such harmful contains in the food, he said.

Meanwhile CRO-AP president Achu Bagang told that, the organization is to bridge the gap between the consumers and the concerned consumer department. As many a times people can’t reach to department for various reason where CRO-AP can be a mediator to solve few cases.

He also cleared that CRO-AP has no authority to punish any defaulters but is a channel to appraise the unheard grievances of consumers to the upper authority, he added.

The day witnessed open discussion and question and answer round where the participants cleared doubts regarding the consumer rights and the medium to file complain.

Organising Chairman Tarh Tapak and Organising Secretary Gyamar Bharat Takar in the meantime thanked Public Liaison Officer (PLO) of chief minister Techi Nera, head of department from Legal Meteorology and consumer affairs, students from various institutions and CRO state representatives and other officials on the day who attended the function and give away their views and suggestion to the gathering of their experiences.


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