Locals alleges of excess land cutting for four lanning of NH-415


Few locals of Vivek Vihar today alleged that the road construction agency for NH-415,  acquiring  excess land without consent of the land owner.


Today when the local people asked construction agency to stopped  their work today  and asked for the  solution  of the said  allegation, the issue become more depends.

One of land owner, Tachang Raje alleged  that the construction agency require  15 metres of the land from the centre of the road but now they are taking more than 15 metre without my consent which is not legal he allege.

 Tachang  already informed this matter to the Itanagar EAC who was there during the Eviction drive. He also said that he did not stop the work and support the road construction work which is quite necessary for the state capital at this juncture.

Another local allege that as per requirement of land there was marking on both side of road for fairly eviction,  but it seems that the construction agency is without knowing exact measurement or the reason whatever may be they are trying to cutting the land crossing the mark which is encroaching upon the land of which is not expectable.

Itanagar EAC Jiken Bomjen while said that “we have evicted Right of Way (ROW) much earlier. During the eviction other than ROW for which compensation have also distributed to the land owners and there was no opposition and no protest. It may be a case of left out for compensation or other. He assured to take up the issue with the Deputy Commissioner.

He however said that Highway construction is a public interest project and no body can stopped it anyway and appeal anyone those who have any grievance to approach the proper forum for an amicable resolution.

EAC (Land) Liken Koyu, AE Highway L Tedi, OC PS Itanagar Tabi Bage among other officials of capital DC office, TK Engineering Construction company and  Naharlagun Highway Division were present on the spot on NH-415 at Vivek Vihar today.


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