Itanagar: “DOJANG NAPONG” collection of nyishi folktales and fables released by Pema Khandu

The stories and fables are retold by PODUM TAKU and PUMU TAKU.

ITANAGAR- On the auspicious occasion of 35th Statehood Day Celebration Brig (DR.)B.D Mishra  (Retd.) Governor  and Pema Khandu  Chief Minister of the State released a  Book Name DOJANG NAPONG  7 other classic nyishi folktales and fables at IG Park Itanagar.


The book is a collection of 13 such enchanting folktales and fables from the land of the dawnlit mountain, Arunachal Pradesh. The stories and fables are retold by PODUM TAKU and PUMU TAKU.

The story is written in simple languages and this book plunges into the mythical world of Arunachal Pradesh and transports the readers to an adventurous time on earth where one can find talking birds and animals, terrifying giants and horrifying shapes shifters etc. from the talks of nature to themes like trust and betrayals are encapsulated in the fables. The book is also covered by exciting pictures depicting the tribal lifestyle.

This book also illustrates the relation between the animals, the humans and the spirits from the other realm of the universe with moral in terms of human and environment aspects.

The author of the Book Podum Taku said, “It is unfortunate to see that our youths are not paying kin interest for learning their own folktales and fable rather busy for games and videos on smart phones these days.” Podum added.

 “ This little initiation is an efforts to motivate and encourage youths for writing book and try to introduce the rich culture and tradition of then State into the rest of the World.”

The book’s cover is design by Dahey Sangno, CEO Smart City, Arunachal Pradesh  with talented young  artist Judi Bagang. And Judi Bagang and Jackie Bodo are the illustrators.


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