Itanagar : Carpeting on NH-415 begins

The TK engineering consortium Pvt Ltd has started the black topping works of NH 415 in Itanagar.


The TK engineering consortium Pvt Ltd has started the black topping works of NH 415 in D sector to secretariat stretch here on Sunday night, which has given much relief to the people of state capital.

While talking to Arunachal24, Director of TK Engineering Techi Tara, informed that “Due to long monsoon, the progress of work was affected, but as the rain has stopped the work will picked up now. we are making every effort to speed up the work.  We hope that within next 3 months people can see the improvement in the condition of road in the Itanagar township area”.

Further he expressed sorry to the capital citizens for inconvenience. “Right now we understand that people of capital region are facing lot of difficulties due to ongoing construction work. But let me assure that we are making sincere effort to speed up work. However such a huge project takes time as there are various factors like compensation, utility shifting, etc which at times creates unnecessary hurdle,” added Tara.

Itanagar : Carpeting on NH-415 begins

He appealed to the citizens to cooperate with them so that 4 lane project is completed on time as per the contract agreement.

When asked about the dusty Highway, Tara replied that water sprinkling have been ordered twice daily and two vehicle have been engaged for it.

Meanwhile few commuters when ask about the work, they feel happy to see that the carpeting works began and hope that the carpeting/blacktopping work pick up speedy during the winter.


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