Itanagar: Botany Dept of DNGC visit Mushroom Development Centre

ITANAGAR-  One day institutional visit to Mushroom Development Centre, Department of Horticulture, Itanagar was conducted by the Department of Botany of Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar on 8 April 2022 in collaboration with Institutional Biotech Hub, a special programme for North East India, Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India.

The visit was organised for the Department’s B.Sc 2nd Semester students to help them get first-hand experience on the different mushroom cultivation techniques, informed Assistant Professor Ajum Bagang.

The Head of Department of Botany Dr. R. K. Mishra expressing his contentment informed that Mushroom Development Officer Ms. Airemy Ering interacted with the students, demonstrated and elucidated the students about spawn and compost preparation of different types of mushroom like Oyster, button and Shiitake. Ms Airemy also encouraged them to opt for mushroom cultivation as an alternative source of employment and revenue generation.

As many as 50 students were benefitted from the visit and a few students expressed their desire to revisit the Centre again and learn more, reported Associate Professor Amum Tamuk. She also thanked the Principal of DNGC Dr. M. Q. Khan for the encouragement to the Deoartment and for all the logistics support.

The Coordinator and Co-coordinator of Institutional Biotech Hub Associate Professor Amum Tamuk and Assistant Professor Ajum Bagang who organised the visit enlightened the students about importance and different methods of mushroom cultivation and emphasised on the practical knowledge beyond classroom teaching.

The visit was also guided and joined by Associate Professor Yapung Rimo, Assistant Professor Priyanka Dutta and Laboratory Assistant Shashi Ranjan Sha.


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