Itanagar:  A new outlet of “SALT & SPICE” Restaurant inaugurated at Akashdeep

ITANAGAR-   A new outlet of “SALT & SPICE” Restaurant at Akashdeep Itanagar for all food craving denizens of Capital Region, today inaugurated by Mrs. Ratan Anya, Chairperson, Oju Welfare Association (OWA). The restaurant is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Techi Anthony a local entrepreneur.

During the inaugural the owner served delicious and sumptuous meals to 20 children of Oju. However, Mrs. Ratan Anya while speaking to the media thank the owner for giving her the opportunity to inaugurate the outlet, and also for serving such finger licking and sumptuous meals to the children’s.


She also appreciated the proprietor for coming up with the much hype Atma Nirbhar and for generating employment opportunities for the local youth.

Lastly would like to urge all the food enthusiasts to pay a visit and enjoy varieties of delicacies served by “SALT & SPICE”. She further appeal all to encourage such local entrepreneur at the cafe.


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