Construction of Yangte -Tali road will restart by November- Pema Khandu

The government will keep no discrimination towards ruling or opposition legislative members. The opposition PPA and Congress members too are part of the ‘Team Arunachal’- Pema Khandu, Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh 


Residents of Tali ADC headquarters had a reason to smile today when Chief Minister Pema Khandu assured them of restarting the work on the existing incomplete Yangte-Tali road by November this year.

The Chief Minister said that a meeting involving finance, planning and PWD departments will be called in the first week of November to plan for construction of Yangte-Tali road – following which a new scheme and the head will be decided for fresh execution of the work. He announced to make these decisions public by November next through social media and newspapers in his public address in the BJP Maha Rally cum development meeting held in the general ground here.

Khandu also informed that Rs 5 crore is sanctioned for bridge over Kumey River connecting Yangte and Tali expressing optimism that work for 10-12km of road from bridge point to Tali headquarters should complete soon as the terrain is favourable.

The Chief Minister informed that the existing road was sanctioned during former CM late Dorjee Khandu. But 12 years after the work was sanctioned, which is the only lifeline for the people of Tali and Pipsorang circle, it failed to complete following scheme duplicacy and poor implementation.

Khandu said that though in the past several CMs have visited the Tali headquarters, the absence of road connectivity had always remained the biggest issue and is the lone constituency in the state to face so. He said it was during late Dorjee Khandu that Tamen-Tali and Chetam-Pipsorang road was also sanctioned.

The Chief Minister proposed to execute the work for Yangte-Tali road under the Deputy Commissioner with a strong monitoring team. “If your wish for road has to be in real then you have to agree to my proposal else the road is never going to complete on time,” said Khandu in his appeal to the people.

He further fervently appealed the people to bring change in their thoughts first before expecting any change from above. “The story will be the same – Chief Ministers will come, make announcements and go; but nothing will change on the ground. So I don’t want it that way,” he said.

Khandu also appealed the people from the constituency settled in the state capital to invest in their hometowns and villages for upliftment of their area. He said true development is when villages become self-contained and economically viable and not when villagers are forced to migrate to cities in search of better avenues.

The Chief Minister in his address also welcomed the newly joined 38 PPA ASMs and Gram panchayat from Tali and Pipsorang area who were earlier formally accepted into the party by State BJP President Tapir Gao.

In his advice to newly joined members, Khandu said that once in the BJP party, they should to be ready to serve in any place or under any posts while keeping in mind that its nation’s interest first, party and then self-interest last. He said if the party commands tomorrow to him to leave the Chief Minister’s post and serve elsewhere, he would be ready to do so. Such should be the commitment of the party member, the Chief Minister said.

In his concluding remark, Khandu said the government will keep no discrimination towards ruling or opposition legislative members. He said the opposition PPA and Congress members too are part of the ‘Team Arunachal’ and welcomed them for their participation through questions and resolutions. “Stronger the opposition better will be the performance of the ruling government, he opined.

Earlier Union Minister for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju, Gao and Home Parliamentary Secretary Pani Taram also spoke.


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